There’s really no other way to put it, investing in films is risky business. There are no guarantees. However, when it’s the right project and when that project is executed right, there is tremendous upside potential to investing in film.

Take our project “Rock the Mic” for instance. With the recent success of the “Twilight” series and most recently the debut of, “The Hunger Games,” it’s safe to assume that the appetite for the teen market is quite voracious. More specifically, if you look at similar music themed projects such as “High School Musical 3,” “Step Up,” and even “Stomp the Yard,” it’s fair to conclude that this particular genre of films has a way of appealing to the masses, young and old.

Though there are no guarantees in film investing, we believe that our project, “Rock the Mic,” has potential to follow the same lucrative box office path as its predecessors. Therefore, we would like for you to consider investing in our film. To get more information on “Rock the Mic,” you can click the poster below for a synopsis.

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