Rayven Choi is both a six-part, Korean-American graphic novel series and 14-minute short film based on an award winning screenplay.  Rayven Choi tells the story of a young woman, who as a child witnesses a hitman murder her parents on a military commuter train. She is the sole survivor on the train and is quietly sent to Seoul, Korea to live with her father’s best friend, Don Choi. Rayven spends 20 years in Seoul before discovering a clue that her father left behind that could lead her to finding the killer. She returns to America and seeks help from the FBI but soon realizes that they may also have blood on their hands.

Rayven Choi Vol. #1 and Vol. #2 are both out now with Vol. #3 scheduled to be released at the end of April. The 14-minute short film is now playing on Vimeo On Demand for just $0.99.  For  more information on Rayven Choi, please visit our sister company page for Shero Comics.